Hobbit Kom Strategy: Tips and Tricks

This site will cover some topics to help you on the game of the Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth.

I must say that this game is really cool, I have been playing it since the begining and I still do.

Now let me share some tips with you.

When playing Hobbit KoM (Kingdoms of middle-earth) it is good to follow a strategy right from the begining.

For example, when you build your city and you decide to focus on troop training you should build many barracks and keep the farms to a minimum.

Also each resource building you create will affect the number of your idle population which will make you train less troops.

So you should decide from the begining if you want to focus on attacks and troop training or producing resources.

Also if you want to play like a pro or you want to have advantage over the other players you should check the Hobbit Kom Secrets product.

I found out some short reviews on the internet. Here’s one below:

I am using it too and it’s better than wasting money on mithril.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial!

Stay tuned for more!